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Our goal is to provide you with simple, clean web tools to help you learn how to manage your money.


Personal Finance Checklist

Personal Finance Checklist

Complete our interactive personal finance checklist to learn how to manage your money properly. We will cover topics like investing, credit scores, budgeting and more!


Where should I invest my money?

Where should I invest my money?

Compare all the different ways you can invest your money including stocks and alternative investment options such as p2p lending, equity crowdfunding and real estate.

Compare the best robo-advisors

Compare the best Robo-Advisors

Do you want to invest completely on auto pilot? Compare the historical performance and portfolios of some popular robo-advisors

Compare socially responsible investing platforms

Compare the best Socially Responsible Investing Platforms

Renewable energy, clean water, healthy living and more. Do you want to invest in companies that support your values?

Compare the best stock brokers

Compare the best Stock Brokers

Do you want to buy your own stocks or ETFs? Compare the fees and offers of some popular stock-brokers.

Compare lazy portfolios

Compare Lazy Portfolios

Lazy portfolios are simple portfolios for those that don't want to use a robo-advisor. Compare historical performance and breakdown of some popular lazy portfolios.


Budget calculator

Budget Calculator

How much money should I be spending every month? How much rent can I afford to pay? Enter your income into our calculator and find out.

Best apps for saving money

Best Apps for Saving Money

You can save money by making more or spending less. Take a look at a list of apps we recommend for saving money.

Credit Cards

Best credit cards

Best Credit Cards

If used with discipline, a credit card will build your credit and offer many amazing benefits such as cash back and travel rewards. Find the best credit card for you here.

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