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Socially Responsible Investing (also known as Impact Investing or SRI) is investing in companies with good social, environmental, or governance track-records. While the impact of your individual investment may seem tiny, there could be huge impact in aggregate across many investors.

Does performance suffer? Studies have shown that SRI portfolios match or beat the performance of the S&P 500.

Motif Impact Portfolios
Socially responsible investing on a flat monthly fee offered by Motif
Only invest in companies that support your causes. Backed by YCombinator
Swell Investing
Invest in portfolios that align with your values. Backed by Pacific Life

$1,000 Minimum

Fee is 0.25% of balance per year. ETF expense ratios are included in price

$3,000 Minimum

Fee is 0.5% of balance per year. ETF expense ratios are included in price

$50 Minimum

Fee is 0.75% of balance per year. ETF expense ratios are included in price

Causes you can support
  • Sustainable Planet

    Invest in companies that actively practice sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Fair Labor

    Invest in companies that promote fair wages, safe working conditions, and job security

  • Good Corporate Behavior

    Invest in businesses with strong ethical track records to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency

Causes you can support
  • Carbon Emissions

    CO2 and other carbon emissions are understood to be the primary anthropogenic (man-made) contributor to climate change.

  • Dakota Access Pipeline

    The DAPL is an oil pipeline built to carry crude oil from North Dakota to an oil tank farm in Illinois, begun in 2016 and completed in 2017

  • Deforestation

    Despite the varying benefits of global forests, from fostering biodiversity to helping clear greenhouse gasses, humans are destroying forests at a rate of approximately 50 football fields every minute.

  • Fossil Fuels

    Fossil fuels, such as petroleum (oil), coal, and natural gas are formed over millennia as natural processes act on organic material. They’re extracted for fuel.

  • LGBTQ Workplace Treatment

    While the battle to legalize gay marriage dominated many of the conversations about gay rights in recent years, workplace rights and protection against workplace discrimination have always been major concerns for LGBTQ activists.

  • Tobacco

    A report by the World Health Organization describes the activities of the tobacco industry between 1950 – when its research first made connections between cigarettes and cancer – and the late 1990s as “the most astonishing systematic corporate deceit of all time”.

  • Weapons Manufacturers

    Gun violence is one of the most high impact issues facing American society today: 2016 saw over 15,000 gun-related deaths (41 per day), including homicides, unintentional shootings, suicides, 385 different mass shootings.

  • Women in The Workplace

    While legally women have equal rights to men in the US, they still face disparities and discrimination in the economy. Two well-recognized issues are representation and equal pay.

  • Donald Trump

    Many Americans feel upset, disenfranchised, and frightened by the election of Donald Trump to the American presidency, as well as his subsequent selections for cabinet positions.

Causes you can support
  • Renewable Energy

    Companies that are harnessing natural resources to power our world

  • Green Tech

    Companies building products and services that reduce our pull on the energy infrastructure.

  • Disease Eradication

    Companies working on pharmaceutical and biotech solutions to combat major health challenges.

  • Clean Water

    Companies conserving water, cleaning it up, and streamlining our systems.

  • Zero Waste

    Companies cleaning up our planet and meeting a growing global demand.

  • Healthy Living

    Companies that enable more of us to live longer, healthier lives through food, fitness, and technology.

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