WealthsimpleFounded in 2014, Raised 45.66M

A popular Canadian robo-advisor that serves Canadian and US investors

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Min. Investment
Est. Return


0.50% per yr if balance >= $5,001

Portfolios are from our actual Wealthsimple account


  • Stocks 80%Bonds 20%Cash 0%
    Growth Portfolio (80% Stocks / 20% Bonds)

    Avg. annual return since 2014

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  • Matthew Hui
    about 7 years ago

    I think Wealthsimple is a good option for Canadians but I don't see why you would use it if you are in the US. The portfolios are similar to Acorns in that you can only choose from a few options instead of being able to granularly adjust your risk score. Overall the platform works well and looks nice but the cost is 0.5% of assets which is twice the standard fee of other robo advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront.


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