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  • enginerd03
    almost 7 years ago

    I'm actually back my investiments. The yield has been very high for the last two years (6 total investiments annualizing 9.8%) but lately one of mine already couldn't sell the property after a year and another 6 month extension so I'm a bit concerned about their ability to roll over the note into a new investiment pool and when I look at the opportunities on the site they're all in not great geographical locations and have longer then 1y lockups, something I personally stayed away from. I'd say the quality is way down from last year tbh. Be careful and do a bunch of research before you optk to invest would be my advice. Once my remaining two notes mature I won't be reinvesting back fyi


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  • lunarbanana
    almost 7 years ago

    I've used RealtyShares for a while and Fundrise 6 mo. or so.

    Both platforms are set up to be very easy to use (Fundrise moreso than RS) with a colorful dashboard/home screen that highlights the huge profits you are making. Both platforms reach out frequently to ensure I am having a good experience, suggesting new opportunities, and to update me on my current investments. Service wise, I've had no trouble and both platforms seem eager to assist with any trouble that might come up (though I haven't had any issues to put this to the test).

    RealtyShares is about as easy to use as Lending Club and Fundrise is closer to Betterment in ease of use. I have been significantly more active with RealtyShares as they have lots of different opportunities coming up frequently, where Fundrise is much more like a reit.

    I've had good returns from both platforms. Over 3 quarters with FR I've received ~7%, but the first quarter was a build up phase and earned very little. Extrapolating this out, I expect 9-10% when q4 pays, and slightly better returns next year. This fund pays quarterly.

    I've been with RS since Feb '15 and have been gradually adding funds so it's harder for me to pinpoint an exact percent. It's close to 12-14% across 19 or so different investments. Earnings are a combination of monthly and quarterly. I've been with them long enough for 4 investments to reach maturity and return all principal. One of those 4 was a few months late in final repayment of principal but I was updated before the payment date that there was an issue and was updated monthly regarding the resolution of that issue until it was repaid.

    I chose equity crowdfunding because I was trying to produce income streams that I could fall back on when I quit my job/retired. For tax efficiency, I screwed the pooch here as it's all counted as regular income.

    I've had a very good experience with these two platforms.


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