RealtyMogulFounded in 2013, Raised 32.7M

Invest in multiple properties (equity and debt) through their MogulREIT (does not require accreditation) or invest in single properties of your choosing (requires accreditation).

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    Matthew Hui
    about 1 year ago

    Put my money into their MogulREIT about a month ago and got a 8% dividend so far. Compared to Fundrise, RealtyMogul's eREIT is a pretty similar offering but with higher fees (1% vs 3%). My RealtyMogul properties are commercial while my Fundrise investments are residential. Fundrise has a much better looking dashboard/platform but RealtyMogul's is still decent. Overall, RealtyMogul has been solid so far but I'll prob stick with Fundrise going forward because of the lower fees. I'll be able to make a better comparison over the next few years when I receive more returns.


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