OptionsHouseFounded in 2006

An online broker by E*TRADE

Commission-free trading for 60 days


Min. Investment

$4.95 per trade


  • cgillett
    about 7 years ago

    Optionshouse is the shit. The commissions are under $5, I have never encountered a fee, and I've been happy with the record keeping so far. The terminal or whatever it's called (the place where you make all of your trades) is very nice and super customizable which I've really liked. Their research is great and makes all of the companies financial statements really easy to read. The tools aren't amazing, but they do have an awesome risk assessment system which looks over your holdings and lets you know how risky it is. The tools really isn't a problem because you can get all the tools you need elsewhere. It's the cheapest option and it's pretty great.


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  • zelmarvalarion
    about 7 years ago

    It's decent. The UI has always been bit of a mess, but it definitely got significantly worse with the merger/acquisition maybe a year ago. They have some good initial offers though, and trades are about 1/2 of most other brokerages.
    Honestly, depending on what you plan to invest in, somewhere like Vanguard offers no transaction fees for their funds iirc, so it might be worth looking into always


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