MotifFounded in 2010

An online broker that allows you to buy individual stocks or a basket of up to 30 stocks called a motif

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  • Sugarhill6
    over 7 years ago

    I invest a small amount monthly in a portfolio of 18 stocks I have built in MOTIF. I like that I have the ability to pick the stocks I want to invest in monthly. Since I have created my own portfolio, or "MOTIF," I am not able to rebalance my portfolio for free. That is a drawback, but I otherwise like the service.


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  • Matthew Hui
    over 7 years ago

    Great broker if you want to buy up to 30 stocks at once because it is only $9.95 for all 30. I also use Motif to get ideas for stocks to buy because the community will discuss which stocks and industries they think will do well in the future. You can even create your own motifs and earn $1 for every person who purchases your motifs but I have not tried it yet.

    So far I have invested in the China Internet, Online Gaming and Private Equity motifs.

    You can also get up to $150 when you create a new account with $2k so this is a great opportunity to try out the service. I am going to keep using it even though I have 30 free trades a month with Merrill Edge because one motif would blow through those trades and I enjoy how easy it is to buy 30 stocks at once with Motif


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