LendingRobotFounded in 2012, Raised 3.0M

Manages your portfolios on LendingClub and Prosper to help you purchase the best loans and optimize performance

Get 10k managed for free
Get an additional 5k managed for free for a total of 10k managed for free.


Min. Investment
Est. Return


Free if balance <= $5,000

0.45% per yr for balance >= $5,001



  • Jack Smith
    about 6 years ago

    these guys are LEGIT. Did you know that the best deals on sites such as Lending Club / Prosper often get snapped up in the first few seconds that they appear on the site? With LendingRobot, you'll never miss out - you specify parameters, then it automatically buys notes that match them. It also has algorythms to detect which notes will have the best rate of return.

    They yesterday (or so) also added a feature where LendingRobot can automate your selling of notes and transacting on secondary platforms.

    Overall, I wouldn't be investing on Lending Club if I wasn't able to use LendingRobot - it's that much of a gamechanger.


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  • Matthew Hui
    about 6 years ago

    I haven't been using it long enough to know if I will get higher returns than using LendingClub or Prosper's automated investing yet but I like that they will help me buy and sell loans automatically. Dashboard is very nice and I think pricing is very fair (free for balances below 10k). I'll update once I have more returns data

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    • Jo Letke
      almost 6 years ago

      Any updates?

    • Matthew Hui
      almost 6 years ago

      My returns with Prosper have been over 10% and for LendingClub it's hard to say because most of it is still invested using my previous auto invest rules.

    • Matthew Hui
      almost 6 years ago

      I will also say that I used LR to sell some notes on LC recently and the experience has been awesome. They also don't charge any fee to sell your notes.

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