HedgeableFounded in 2009, Raised 1.85M

A robo-advisor with unique asset classes including real estate and Bitcoin. Also offers downside protection which shifts riskier investments into fixed income or cash.

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Min. Investment
Est. Return


0.75% per yr if balance <= $49,999

0.70% per yr if balance $50,000 - $99,999

0.65% per yr if balance $100,000 - $149,999

0.60% per yr if balance $150,000 - $199,999

0.55% per yr if balance $200,000 - $249,999

0.50% per yr if balance $250,000 - $499,999

0.45% per yr if balance $500,000 - $749,999

0.40% per yr if balance $750,000 - $999,999



  • Matthew Hui
    about 7 years ago

    Overall I would recommend Hedgeable. It's more expensive than other robo advisors but I think that it is worth the extra cost. What makes it stand out from other robo-advisors is downside protection, portfolio compositions and a rewards system. When Hedgeable detects that their is a downturn in the market, it will shift some of your stocks into bonds or cash to minimize losses. So far that feature has been working pretty well and 25% of my portfolio is now in cash/bonds.

    On Betterment and Wealthfront, portfolios are a mix of stock ETFs and Bond ETFs regardless of how you set up your portfolio. My portfolio on Hedgeable is composed of a mix of individual stocks as Apple, Google, and Starbucks because I indicated that my portfolio on Hedgeable would represent a small percentage of my total investments. If I had chosen otherwise, Hedgeable would have invested in ETFs like other robo advisors typically do. If you want to get even riskier, Hedgeable will allow you to invest in Bitcoin or venture capital.

    Hedgeable gives you rewards points for investing money and completing different tasks such as setting up auto deposit or liking their FB page. These points can be redeemed for different rewards such as gift cards or an Apple Watch. This isn't a major selling point but I think it's pretty cool.

    The interface could use some work. It is functional but does not look the prettiest. Overall I would recommend Hedgeable and am probably going to keep using it.


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