Feedback Thread

4a042b8382a008d344561c8301509f3a?s=100&d=identiconMatthew Hui almost 4 years ago

I am one of the creators of Senzu. Please leave any feedback you have for us in this thread. See a bug? Wanna suggest ways we can improve our app? Feel free to post that here.


  • 608957c44327b2177d516a3bd5aad2bb?s=100&d=identicon
    Kilim Choi
    almost 4 years ago


  • 4a042b8382a008d344561c8301509f3a?s=100&d=identicon
    Matthew Hui
    almost 4 years ago

    Thanks Kilim. Knew I could count on you

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    almost 4 years ago


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